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If you want to apply for New Zealand Working Holiday visa, I think you should read the article carefully.

Today, some applicants have made some very stupid mistakes, and which cause them to say goodbye to New Zealand forever.
– when you practice the application process, never use your own real passport number
– when you apply the quota when it really opens, please double check you are in the correct country.
If you made any mistakes which lead you to submit your passport number with misleading information to immigration, then you may not be able to get any visa from New Zealand in your lifetime.
NO KIDDING, I have seen a lot of cases like this. The applicants regretted but can not do anything to remedy it.
I will explain why later.

The first situation which you may make some mistakes: when you practice.
Some countries have unlimited quotas, so the countries always open, and we can use them to practice the application process. But there is a trap here. Countries like Japan and US, applicants just need to fill the form and submit the application, and then immigration will receive their application. And the application which of course, will be declined, and due to the passport has provided the misleading information(Because they submit the application, but they are not the applicants from that country, so immigration take this as provide false information, this is very serious). Then the applicants will not be able to apply any other visas to NZ.

The second is when the visa really open
Some applicants are too nervous and then click the wrong country, and in the end, they finish the application with their own information for some other countries. Then, the same results.

To avoid the mistakes.
– Never use your own information when you practice.
– make sure you click the right country

double check it when you fill the personal information

If you are not sure whether it is correct or not. Ask us.
We are professional, well experienced.
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Here is an example. The applicants from Malaysia, and submit with his own passport number to a wrong country, and he will not be able to get any visa from NZ



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