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2023 马来去New Zealand working holiday 抢名额战况总结

首先恭喜所有拿到的今天配额的朋友们,恭喜!艰难但是值得。 我们的所有客户也都顺利拿到了名额,有需要的朋友可以联…
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2023.02.07 大马申请去新西兰打工度假一贴通

2023年马来西亚打工度假签证,前往新西兰,即将开放。 开放时间为2023.02.07 通常而言,1150个名…
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2023 reopening dates for capped Working Holiday Schemes announced

The open date for the 2023 working holiday visa has fin…
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Visa fee will increase significantly from 2022.07.31 to 420NZD + 35NZD = 455NZD

Notification of visa fee increase Normally, starting fr…
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How to transfer your working holiday e-visa to your renewed passport

New Zealand has granted a new working holiday visa for …
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How to increase your chance to secure the slot for Working Holiday Visa to nearly 100%?

Opportunity is only for those who are prepared After ar…
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[2022.02.24] Congratulations to all applicants, visa should all be approved.

Starting from 2022.03.22, 6 days after the open day 202…
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[2022.03.24] 马来西亚纽西兰打工度假下签报告

从2022.03.22开始,也就是抢名额结束后的六天,纽西兰移民局就已经开始工作下签。 过去两三天里,几乎是所…
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