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How to increase your chance to secure the slot for Working Holiday Visa to nearly 100%?

How to increase your chance to secure the slot for Working Holiday Visa to nearly 100%?

Opportunity is only for those who are prepared

After around two years of pause, New Zealand working holiday restarted again on 2022.03.16.

First is Malaysia, then the Philippines. More will come later this year.

Malaysia has 1150 slots limit, and the Philippines is even worse with only 100 slots. So it will be very hard to get it as you can imagine or experience.

As we keep saying before COVID, to secure the slots, you have no other shortcuts, you need to be well-prepared. You possibly can be very lucky and get it the first time try without any preparation. This can happen for Malaysia, but not for Philippine.

We have written quite a few articles with detailed instructions about how you can secure a slot with a higher chance. From the read statistics, we can see quite a few Malaysian applicants have read them and should have the slots already, but fewer Philippines have read them.

So we will put a summary of the tips here, to help the applicants in the future from all the countries which is available for these slots.

Tips about how can you get the slot with a higher chance?

There are two key factors here

  • Be prepared 
  • Do not give up

The whole application process will last at least half an hour, so you will have the chance to get it if you are prepared

  1. High-Speed Internet is important, but not crucial, this is a very key factor five years ago, as not everyone has the access to high-speed internet.
    • However, nowadays, most people have access to high-speed internet, so this one is important, but not crucial.
  2. Friends across the world to help you at the same time. This is crucial.
    • Never put the egg in one basket, you need to have a lot of friends across the country, multiple countries, or all across the world to help you grab the slots at the same time when the slots are opening.
    • This is very very important, you may be lucky or not in the morning, but maybe someone somewhere else in the world is very lucky, he can get you the slots very quick, without any Host Error page.
    • And get them practised before the open day, this is the third point we will mention next.
  3. Get yourself and your friends practised.
    • This is the step everyone must follow if they want to get the slot.
    • If you do not even have an account when the slot is opening, how could it be possible to get the slot?
    • How could you get the slot if you do not even know what to be filled inside the forms?
    • Get practised and get your information prepared, to allow yourself with the fastest speed.
  4. So next is the Tech details, after you have the first three points ready, then next you need to do is get yourself AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.
    • All the points that make sense are that if you are faster than someone else, you can get the slot.
    • So you need to have your accounts ready before the open day.
    • You will need to log in before the open time (10:00 am NZ time), so you do not need to log in again.
    • The most time-consuming step is filling in the personal information during the application process, to make this step as short as possible, you need to have all your information prepared as a digital version, and send them to your friends across the world. and practice it time by time to make sure it is fast.
    • We provide a FREE automatic tool called Super X this is a chrome extension, which can increase the efficiency during the application form filling process.
      • It can save your personal information and auto-fill the form, you just need to minimal click actions. So this can save you a huge amount of time.
      • You can work together with other applicants, this tool allows you to save up to 8 applicants’ information. This can allow you to cooperate with other applicants, you can save each other’s information details, and when you finish your application, you can help other people with a easy switch.
      • Your teammates can also do the same. So team effort can help you get a high chance to grab the slot
      • You can also share this tool with your friends across the world, so you do not need them to do much practice before the open time. Just let them fill your information in the Super X, and give them some training regarding how to use it.
      • And as we said, this is a FREE tool, if you are concerned with your personal information or something else, you can choose not to use it.
      • You can also use the extension called Autofill in chrome, this tool can do similar things as what we provided, but it is for general use, so you need to learn more things about how to set it up.
      • Regarding how to use the FREE Super X, the link is here: [Version UPDATE] Super X, the automatical tool which will secure you NEW ZEALAND WORKING HOLIDAY slot
  5. You will see a lot of Host Error page, how to resolve that
    • This is the one making everyone desperate on an opening day. There is not any solution to avoid this page to happen. You need to accept it. Someone possibly will be lucky never to see this one during the application process.
    • For all the applicants who see this during the application process, click the refresh button again and again until you see the normal page, there is no other way.
    • Do not give up here, keep refreshing, you will eventually get it. Most people who have not gotten the slot are because they give up when they see this.
    • Especially after you paid the visa fee, and your bank told you that you already paid. That normally means you get the slot.
      • However, you need to refresh the link after payment and make sure you see the received status for your application.
    • The basic takeaway from this is to keep trying, do not give up
  6. When you saw the picture below:
    1. It normally means it is finished. But might keep trying for a while, until the official working holiday page stating it is closed, there might still be another chance here.
  7. When you see this during the application process:
    1. It does not mean the working holiday visa is closed, it means an error thrown, you should go back to the online application system to confirm it: https://onlineservices.immigration.govt.nz/
  8. If you have read and practised all the points we mentioned above, you will 99% get the slots next open round and will get the slots eventually.

Opportunity is only for those who are prepared


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