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Opening date confirmed for 2024 Working Holiday visas

New Zealand Immigration office just released the openin…
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[2024]When will this year working holiday visa open for Malaysia and Philippines?

For Malaysia and Philippines, the open date for working…
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Todo lo que necesita saber sobre la visa Working Holiday Nueva Zelanda para Chile

Contenidos ¿Qué es la visa Working Holiday Nueva Zeland…
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今日的最新通知,今年的紐西蘭打工度假簽證加開一批,開放時間為2022.09.29,紐西蘭時間早上十點。 如果今…
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Visa fee will increase significantly from 2022.07.31 to 420NZD + 35NZD = 455NZD

Notification of visa fee increase Normally, starting fr…
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[Philippine] INZ respond to the applications lodged in 2020, not yet approved

This is a great news The applicants, mainly from the Ph…
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紐西蘭打工度假下週就要開放了,如何保證自己能搶到配額呢? 這篇一定要看 最重要 不要放棄 做好準備 整個申請過…
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[2022.05.31]Visado de Working Holiday de Chile a Nueva Zelanda

Todo lo que necesita saber sobre la visa de vacaciones …
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最新消息,移民局內部會議通知,紐西蘭打工度假開放時間提前,涉及的有幾個國家地區,包括台灣。 台灣的新的開放時間…
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How to transfer your working holiday e-visa to your renewed passport

New Zealand has granted a new working holiday visa for …
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