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[2020.02.11]Report for Philippine working holiday visa, and What to do next

Our 32 clients get the slot this morning, hope you also get yours. Here is what to do next, and whether it will reopen or not.

All things you need to know about Filipinos working holiday visa to New Zealand

What is the philippine working holiday visa? What’s the requirements for that? How is the application process. The answers are all here.

打工度假名额候补重开 问答

2020.01.28, 马来首发结束五天后,我们给我们的五个等待候补的客户,拿到了候补的名额。 然后很多人过来…
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Working Holiday visa Reopen Q&A

On 2020.01.28, 5 days after the first release of Malasy…
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Work and Holiday In New Zealand: Guide for Filipinos to get working holiday visa in 2019

Guide for Filipinos to get the working holiday visa to …
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If you want to apply for New Zealand Working Holiday vi…
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How to apply for New Zealand Working Holiday Visa for Philippines

Some Useful Tips Make sure you are familiar the whole a…
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Steps After Online Application for Philippines Working Holiday Visa

After you finished your online application. You will re…
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Online Application Process for Philippines Working Holiday Visa

Summary First you need to make sure you meet the applic…
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Introduction About Philippines Working Holiday Visa

What is it First, 2 official links to introduce the vis…
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