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General Application Process for Malaysia-Australia Work and Holiday Visa

General Application Process for Malaysia-Australia Work and Holiday Visa

Every year, Australia provide 100 quotas for Work and Holiday Visa to Malaysia teenagers. It is hard to get as there is a limitation of quota. Only 100 teenagers can get the chance to be in Australia.

Also, pretty a lot applicants are confused about how to apply it, how is the application process.

Today, we will talk about it.

The process

  1. First make sure you meet the requirements:
    • between 18-31
    • have more than 2 years full time university study
  2. prepare the Certificate of Good Conduct, as it takes around 1-2 months to get it. Here is the link about how to get it: how to get CGC
  3. Then the next step is to get an appointment letter, and submit the document to VFS on the appointed date. A lot of people will be confused here, let me explain it
    • as the visa quota limit is 100, so they should have a way to control it, how they pick the 100 applicants among so many people.
    • The job was assigned from immigration to VFS, which is an agency who help to receive applicantions and send the application to immigration, so the immgration only need to access the application, nothing else
    • here is the website for VFS: VFS link
    • Old times before 2016, they took the first 100 applicantions, so the applicants just slept before the door of VFS days before the open day to get it.
    • Nowadays, the game rule has been changed, they use the online appointment system to control the first 100 applicatants. So you will need to get the appointment letter on the day it opens, and then submit the documents on the date in your appointment letter. They will control only 100 slots was allocated for you to make appointment
    • So basically, if you get the appointment letter, and you meet the requirements, you basically get the ticket to Australia.
    • Our job is to help people who really want the visa get the appointment letter.
    • We have programs, which can get the appointment letter in seconds.
  4. After you have the appointment letter, then there will be a date on the letter, you should submit your document on that date.Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 12.36.15 am
    • there is no interview for the visa, what you need to do is to submit the documents here, and pay the visa fee
    • you need to submit it in personal, can not ask anyone else to do it for you
    • after you submit the information, then you can go home, and wait for the results.
  5. Also, you will need to do the health examniation, you can do it before the date you submit the documents, or you can wait for the notification which tell you to do the examniation after you submit the documents.
    • Where to do the health examniation: Clinic List
    • you will need to do 501 and 502, here is an offical guide about how to do it, and what you should do: official guide
    • If you want to do it before you submit the documents, you will need to apply for a HAP ID here: https://online.immi.gov.au/lusc/login, and then put the HAP ID in the form 1208, so the officer will know that you have done the examnination.
  6. After you finished all the steps above, then, you should be able to have your visa in 2 weeks normally. If they need more materials, they will contact you, and what you need to do is just submit the documents they requested.
  7. The visa is electronic, so you will not have a label in your passport, and you will not need to submit the passport with all the documents. You just need to buy a flight ticket and go to AU

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter and leave Australia multiple times?

Yes, you will need to enter Australia within 1 years after the visa granted, and the visa will be valid for a year from the date you enter Australia. You can enter multiple times before the visa exipires.

Is there a second work and holiday visa, or a third one?

For the second Work and holiday visa, yes, you will need to do the job which meet their requirements, then you can apply. For the third one, it might be in effect from july 2019. Check official link: http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/462-





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