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2019 Malaysian How to Apply Work and Holiday to Australia

2019 Malaysian How to Apply Work and Holiday to Australia

Since 2019.07.01, Australia work and holiday visa quotas for Malaysian had increased to 1100, and also need to be lodged via immi website, not VFS any more.

They have changed the way twice in the last 3 years, and from now on, the way to apply for it should be stable for at least 10 years.

Good news for this is that you do not need to be in VFS 2 days before the open day. Also not need to go to VFS centre to submit anything.

But for now , you will need to make everything prepared, and apply it online quickly on the open day. The first round for this year is 2019.07.01, next round information will be released on VFS webstie.

Anyone wants to get the updates about when the new around opens and the latest information about it, can leave your information here: http://info.whvstore.com/notice/auwhv

Here is the application process

First you need to register an account in immi website:

The link


Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 11.26.56 pm.png

Look like this

Register the account

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 11.25.16 pm.png

Fill your info here, be careful with the email address, you will need it later in case you forget password.

Start the application

Totally there are 14 pages, the former 4 pages are pretty simple, just some basic information. Make sure you fill the correct information here.





After you fill all the information. then you will be required to upload documents. Remember, make sure you have all your documents ready. or you will not  be able to have a valid application.Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 11.32.31 pm.png

Document list

  • passport scan
  • photo size, passport one
  • Fund and onward tickets, etc. Together is a bank statement show that you have enough money.
  • English Test(PTE/IELTS), if you are taught in English, you do not need it.
  • Good Certificate of Conduct.

Submit the application, and pay the fee.D6CB077A83E8E92C37DDFD5A099124C6

You will need a card to pay the fee online.

Then wait for the notification.


  • If you do not have enough docments, your application will not be handled.
  • So make sure you have all documents prepared.

We provide the service to help you secure the application, If you need, contact us.

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