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How to secure a working holiday visa slot

How to secure a working holiday visa slot

Some Useful Tips

  1. Make sure you are familiar the whole application process, if not, check the post: link

– This is the base for you successful application
2. Prepare all the information you need during the application process
– Passport Details
– Credit Card Information
– Ensure there is enough fund for the card, which is 208NZD
3. You need a pretty high internet speed. That’s one of the keys which help you get the quota.
4. Then you will need some friends who can help you apply during the application process at the same time, at other place, with high internet speed, familiar with the application process, have all of your detailed information.
– More people mean more chance to get the quota.
– Do not fight alone, you will need teammates
– In fact, applicants can help each other. After one applicant finished, he can help others.
– add My line: whvstore. I will form a group for applicants.
5. Details Part:
– Use chrome or firefox at the same time, sometimes, one might perform better than the other one.
– Login an hour ahead before it opens. Becuase when it nearly opens, it will be hard for you to login.
– Use ** Ctrl+ click**, This will allow you open a new page without close the old one, so if you fail to finish the next page and the page crashed, you will also have the chances to start again, not from the beginning.
– Try to apply with different browsers or devices at the same time.
– When you not sure which stage you are, visit the link: https://onlineservices.immigration.govt.nz/WorkingHoliday, and you will know which stage you are.
– Only fill the inputs which you must fill (with red symbol)
– Make sure your passport number is correct.
– After you finish one part of the form, click NEXT, it is quicker. Do not click save.
– Do not stop unitl you see the payment successful page.
– When you are in the payment page, make sure you fill the correct card information. Double check it, this is your last hit, you need to make it happen
6. Never use your real passport number to practice
7. When you really apply for the quota, remember to check you are in the right country.
8. Prepare your information with word or other tools. So you can just copy and paste it.
9. Or you can use our automatic tool — Super X We will talk about it in the next part.
10. Super X link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/super-x/ikfnnjcmgeedlhlgpacghonphhnolobh
11. Make sure you know the the correct local time when it opens. This year, it will be 5 am in Philippines.
12. I will add more when I think of one. So keep checking this page.


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