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How to apply for working holiday visa quickly: Automatic Tools for Working Holiday Visa Online Application

How to apply for working holiday visa quickly: Automatic Tools for Working Holiday Visa Online Application

To secure a Working Holiday Slot, we will need to apply successfully online.
The biggest challenge here is to fill the form quickly. Because there is quite a lot to fill.

How to make it quicker?

We have provided sine tips and skills about how to make it quicker. Check here Tips

Super X – Automatic Form Filling

We have developed a chrome extension, which can help you fill all your information with one click.

The extension can be used for:
* New Zealand Working Holiday Visa Application
* Malaysia-Australia Work and Holiday Visa
* New Zealand Silver Fern Visa Application

What can it do:
* Save your infomration such as Passport before it opens
* Then it will automatically fill the application form with your detailed information

How to use it

Install it

The chrome app store link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ikfnnjcmgeedlhlgpacghonphhnolobh

  1. You will need a chrome with PC
  2. Then click the link above
  3. Install it, and right top of your chrome will show

How to Use it

  1. right click the icon
  2. then you will see this:
  3. click options, and you will see this:
  4. First you will need an account.
  5. Then fill the Account and Password.
  6. If you are practicing, then just generate the info randomly, just click the Generate
  7. The mode can be auto and hand
    • auto: it will automatically fill the page if the extension know the page.
    • Hand: you will need to click the icon first, then the extension will fill the form.
  8. You can save up to 8 users information. This means after you finish your application, you can switch to other user, and click save. Then you can help the guy to apply for it.
    • If you want to save the information for other user, remember to click save after you fill the form.
    • For other applicants, you will also need other account and password
  9. If you apply for Malaysia Work and Holiday Visa to Australia, you will need to fill in the part Both AU AND NZ need:
  10. If you apply for Working Holiday Visa to New Zealand, then you will need to additionally fill the NZ only part
  11. If you are applying for Work and Holiday or Working Holiday Visa, then Choose WHV for Visa Type. If you are applying for Silver Fern Job Search Visa, choose other.
  12. You will also choose the country you are applying for. When you practice, you can choose Canada for Apply Country, since there is no quota for your country when you practice.
  13. You will need to fill all other inputs to make sure the extension can work properly.
  14. Here are 2 videos show how to use it.
    • Notice: You can only install the extension via chrome web store now, since they have changed the security protacol

For different countries, different inputs may refer to different things, so if you feel confused, just leave a comment, we will respond in 24 hours.


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