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Working Holiday Expert

[2020.01.23]Malaysia Working Holiday visa open date released

Malaysia Working Holiday open on 2020.01.23, contact us: whvstore@gmail.com to lock the quota.

Chile Working Holiday 2019

This morning, 3 mintues, we get all of our clients the …
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Silver Fern Job Search visa will be close permanently from 2019.10.07

silver fern job search visa closed permanently.

[2019.08.22]What to do next after got Brazil Working Holiday quota

First congratulations to those who get the brazil worki…
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[2019.08.22]Brazil Working Holiday, all done!

Brazil working holiday visa quota, lock it in 3 mintues!





[2019.08.22]Best Guides for Brazilian about How to secure the New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

Want to secure the quota to New Zealand this year, you must check this.

紐西蘭簽證費又又又漲價了 Working Holiday Visa fee increases Again!!!

紐西蘭打工度假簽證費漲至280NZD New Zealand Working Holiday Visa fee raised to 280NZD

紐西蘭代搶歷史代搶成功記錄 New Zealand Working Holiday History Successfully Cases

Updated Hisotry Cases, continue to be updated.