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[2022.03.13] New Zealand Working Holiday visa reopen approaching, FAQ answered here.

[2022.03.13] New Zealand Working Holiday visa reopen approaching, FAQ answered here.

As you all know, New Zealand has already released the plan for the border arrangement.

The most exciting news for us is:

Working Holiday visa scheme will reopen on a rolling basis from 13th March.

So what does this mean for us?

Here are some frequent asked questions, we hope we can help to answer them.

When will the working holiday visa reopen for my country?

This round reopen is only for capped countries, as the working holiday visa for uncapped countries already reopened.

So if you are from Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, etc, the working holiday visa will reopen for you someday after 13th March.

The details will be notified on their website, and we also will keep it updated with the latest information, you can register your phone and email information below, we will keep you updated.

Link: Leave your phone number and email, we will keep you updated

The official page show when the scheme will reopen are listed as below:

So it will not open straight away on 13th March, keep monitoring the page above to get the exact latest time for your country.

If my working holiday visa expired, and I have not entered New Zealand, what will happen?

For those who hold the visa and entered New Zealand before the pandemic, the policy is quite good, the New Zealand government had extended the visa several times.

But for those who haven’t managed to enter New Zealand before the pandemic, it is a bit unfair. But until now, we have not seen any policies related to this one.

We can see that Australia has released several rounds of policies, including refunding visa fees, extending the visa expiration time.

We suppose New Zealand will do the same, but there is no sign that they will do it soon, we will keep monitoring it.

Another thing we need to notice is that:

If you have been granted a working holiday visa, but you have never entered New Zealand with this visa, then you still can apply for a new one, only problem is that you will need to do the whole application process again, which means cost and time.

But in theory, you can do that, we do not recommend you to do that.

I submitted the visa application before the pandemic, it is still pending, what will happen.

Due to the pandemic, the border is closed. So the process of the visa application is paused.

When the border reopens, they will start to process them. So do not worry. You can try to send an email to the New Zealand immigration office to query about it after the border reopened.

We will keep monitoring information related to this part, and let you know if we have some details.


If you have other questions, leave it in the comments or send an email to whvstore@gmail.com

We will update this page later based on frequently asked questions.

Good luck and take care, everyone.




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