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【2023.02.07】How malaysians secure the quota for New Zealand working holiday? Check this, lock it!

【2023.02.07】How malaysians secure the quota for New Zealand working holiday? Check this, lock it!

The working holiday visa for Malaysia to New Zealand will open on 2023.02.07, which is next week. So we need to start to be prepared.

Remember this: the open date will be 2023.02.07, New Zealand TIme, 10 am

Typically 1150 quotas will be filled in minutes, and a lot of applicants have tried for several years, but still not be able to get it.

Today, we will talk about the application process, and what you should be careful.

How to apply


  • hold Malaysia passport
  • age between 18-31 years old

If you meet the requirements above, you can apply for this visa.

Online application

So the hardest and most important process is to get the quota on the open day.

You will need to be prepared with:

  • passport, and related information in a word, so you can copy and paste pretty easily.
  • credit card to pay the visa fee(which is 455NZD now)
  • computer with high network speed, As high as possible
  • (And other ways which can make you get the quota quick, like getting a lot of friends to help you in different places.)

And you will need to log in before the open time, at least half an hour before the opening time, just in case you will not be able to log in when it is opening.

After it opens, click the apply now ASAP, finish the whole process until payment is done.

We have written quite a lot articles about how to secure the quota, you can check

and we also provide a free automatic tool for you to secure the quota by yourself.

install this: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ikfnnjcmgeedlhlgpacghonphhnolobh
and check these instructions:

Should cover all the aspects related to how to get the quota quickly. If you still have any questions, contact whvstore@gmail.com

The application process

  1. Get your passport information prepared, and the credit card pre
  2. Submit the application when the online application opens.
  3. wait for another week for a decision, if you do not have any bad records within the immigration office, you will be able to get the visa within a week or two
  4. forward to New Zealand

What can I do with the visa

The visa allows you to work in New Zealand for 6 months, and if your work meet specific requirements, you can extend your stay for another 3 months, and after that, you can use the tourist visa to stay in New Zealand for 6 months, in total, you can stay in New Zealand for 15 months, and work legally for 9 months.

Frequently asked questions

  1. The relationship between visa and work
    1. visa allow you to work in New Zealand, you will need to find the work by yourself after you arrive in New Zealand
  2. The official website says will need a bank statement, health examination, and no criminal records, when do I need to submit it?
    1. you do not need to submit all of them, as I know, the immigration officer will make a decision based on the online application you submitted, which will require no further information from you.
  3. The quota = visa?
    1. not totally, quota means you submit an application, if the decision for the application is approved, then you will get the visa.
    2. normally if you do not have any bad records, you will get the visa, as we know, all of our clients get their visas in the end.
  4. When should I leave for New Zealand
    1. you should leave for New Zealand within a year after you were granted the visa, and when you arrived in New Zealand, your visa will expire within 6 months.
  5. Can I apply for another sub-class of visa in New Zealand?
    1. Yes
  6. The quota is hard to get?
    1. Yes, pretty hard. Normally the quotas will be filled within minutes. As the requirements are quite low, so a lot of people will meet the criteria, and each year, there will be a huge amount of people applying for this visa. Basically, the hardest step is to get the quota when the online application open.
    2. We provide the service to get the quota for you, no miss. We have provided this service in the past several years, and help thousands of applicants get the quota and their dream across the world.
  7. What should I take care when I apply online?
    1. Never use your real personal information to practice with the online application system!!! NEVER! If you submit the application by an accident, you will have bad records with immigration, and never be able to be in New Zealand. Because you will be considered as providing misleading information
    2. Remeber to double-check that you are applying for Malaysia working holiday visa, not other on the open day. The same thing will happen if you submit the application under another country’s scheme, you will be refused any further visa applications.
    3. REMEMBER THIS!!!!
  8. What is the service process?
    1. First, we need to make sure that you meet the requirements
    2. Then if you are interested, leave your email and phone number, and we will take a note, and generate a link for you to fill your information. The information will be used for the online application process.
    3. Then before the open day, we will contact you to confirm whether you need the service or not. If yes, then we will check the information with you. And you will need to pay us the visa fee in advance, so we know you really need the visa.
    4. You can pay via PayPal, or bank transfer to AU/NZ bank account
    5. We will get the quota for you on the open day.
    6. And you pay the rest after we get the quota, and we will give you the account and all related stuff.
    7. (If we have not gotten the quota for you, just in case) we will fully refund the visa fee.
    8. step g is just to tell you that do not worry about the money, and do not worry, we will get the quota for you.
  9. if you have any other questions, contact us
    1. Email: whvstore@gmail.com
    2. Wechat: whvstore
    3. line: whvstore
    4. facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nzwhver/?ref=bookmarks

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