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[COVID-19] New Zealand visa related policy update

As New Zealand has moved to STAGE 2 recently, a lot of …
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[COVID-19]19 Capped Working Holiday Scheme Suspended UNTIL further notice

Due to the COVID-19, INZ official announce that 19 capp…
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【2020.04.02】新西蘭/香港 工作假期計劃 申請攻略一貼通


打工度假名额候补重开 问答

2020.01.28, 马来首发结束五天后,我们给我们的五个等待候补的客户,拿到了候补的名额。 然后很多人过来…
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Working Holiday visa Reopen Q&A

On 2020.01.28, 5 days after the first release of Malasy…
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紐西蘭代搶歷史代搶成功記錄 New Zealand Working Holiday History Successfully Cases

Updated Hisotry Cases, continue to be updated.

如何使用自動化工具獲取紐西蘭打工度假 名額【必看】

想要拿到名額,無論你是來自台灣,還是香港,還是馬來西亞,都是很難的,因為名額都是限額的。 如何能夠保證自己能夠…
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How to secure a working holiday visa slot

Some Useful Tips Make sure you are familiar the whole a…
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