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Working Holiday Expert

13th March, 2022, Reopening of New Zealand Border and Reopening of Working Holiday Visa

After a long long two years waiting period, New Zealand…
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Latest Update for New Zealand visa condition

Updated 2020.07.11 There is a new update from New Zeala…
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[COVID-19] New Zealand visa related policy update

As New Zealand has moved to STAGE 2 recently, a lot of …
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[COVID-19]19 Capped Working Holiday Scheme Suspended UNTIL further notice

Due to the COVID-19, INZ official announce that 19 capp…
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COVID-19 effect for Working Holiday Visa

The start of 2020 is quite bad, the covid-19 spread acr…
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打工度假名额候补重开 问答

2020.01.28, 马来首发结束五天后,我们给我们的五个等待候补的客户,拿到了候补的名额。 然后很多人过来…
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Working Holiday visa Reopen Q&A

On 2020.01.28, 5 days after the first release of Malasy…
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2020.01.30 马来西亚 新西兰打工度假签证 下签报告

2020.01.30,距离抢名额过去了一周时间。今早开始了下签。   如图 大家可以开始检查自己到在…
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2020.01.28 马来候补开放报告

候补开放/Report 今天早上十点五十多,我们的五位马来候补客户全部拿到名额。其中有俩位是2020.01.2…
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2020.01.23大马新西兰打工度假 抢配额报告

情况总结 今年批次我们一共有53个客户,大马时间5:20am,所有客户付款成功,锁定名额。 今年的情况复盘一下…
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