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Working Holiday Expert

How to increase your chance to secure the slot for Working Holiday Visa to nearly 100%?

Opportunity is only for those who are prepared After ar…
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[How to Enter NZ] Vaccine Passport for New Zealand

So a lot of us have just been granted the new replaceme…
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Replacement working holiday visa has been issued [2022.03.13]

For those who hold the working holiday visa, but due to…
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今早的一条爆炸性消息:马来西亚前往纽西兰的打工度假签证将于2022.03.16 重新开放。 等了两年多的终于重…
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[Reopening] Latest Update, Working Holiday visa is reopening [2022.03.12]

This morning, the New Zealand immigration website has p…
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[2022.03.13] New Zealand Working Holiday visa reopen approaching, FAQ answered here.

As you all know, New Zealand has already released the p…
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【2022.03.13】台灣 紐西蘭打工度假簽證最新情況

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2022.03.13 马来西亚 新西兰打工度假最新情况

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13th March, 2022, Reopening of New Zealand Border and Reopening of Working Holiday Visa

After a long long two years waiting period, New Zealand…
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Latest Update for New Zealand visa condition

Updated 2020.07.11 There is a new update from New Zeala…
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